Repair Kounta

Repair Kounta

Experiencing a bug or glitch on the Kounta app? Kounta has a built-in app cleaning utility that helps to flush out old cached data which may be causing it. It is a great place to start when troubleshooting.
As long as your register is online, there is no data loss in this process.
Note - DO NOT perform a repair if you are experiencing connectivity issues.
iOS Devices
1. Completely exit the Kounta App
Double tap the iPad home button, then swipe the Kounta App up to close it
2. Head to the iPad's Settings and scroll down to Kounta.
3. Toggle Repair Kounta on next launch to on.
4. Open the Kounta app again and head back to the POS
5. Select the appropriate register from the register selection screen.
Android / Albert Devices
1, With the Kounta app open, tap the screen with 3 fingers and swipe down
2. Select Repair
For Android:
For Albert:
3. Open the Kounta app again and head back to the POS
4. Select the appropriate register from the register selection screen.

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