New Printer Driver Update

New Printer Driver Update

A new software update has been released in the app store with printer improvements for certain routers. 

Please do the following : 

- Double click the Home button on your iPad.
- You should then see a preview of all your open applications. Release the home button, and "swipe up" over the Kounta App.
- Press the home button again to go you your iPad home screen
- Go into 'Settings'
- On the bottom left corner where you can see your settings options find 'Kounta' and select it.
- Scroll to the very bottom of the screen for the Kounta settings, under 'Advanced Troubleshooting' turn ON the switch for 'Enable Multicast Broadcasting for Epson Printers'.
- After that is done, open the Kounta App again.
- Wait for 30 seconds before clicking 'Go To POS'. If you can only log into Back Office that is fine as well, but still wait the 30 seconds first.
- Your printing should now be active and working.
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