Create Your Products in Kounta

Create Your Products in Kounta

Create your products 

1. Under Products from the Kounta Back Office, select  Add Products 
2. Fill in the basic product information
Category (Categorise your products to make them visible on the POS screen)
Sales Price
Sales Tax Type
3. Select Add Product to save this product and add another product
Pro Tip - The product names are what shows on the POS or in your stock lists - keep the names logical (ie not - "Shake - S" but maybe "Shake - Strawberry") and, for raw goods it helps to include the sizes (ie not "milk" but maybe "Milk, Full Cream, 2L")

Note - Did we miss a product setting you were looking for? Our Advanced Product Settings guide goes into more detailed product settings.

Edit your products' basic information

For basic changes, these can be made on the main Products page - the options for name, category, sales price and tax type can all be edited from here. These will autosave.

Made a mistake and need to delete your product?

Easy - just select the little trash can beside the product name - but once a product is gone, it is gone for good. No more recipe, no more stock levels. Although, the sales data will still be there for you - safe and secure.

Create your categories 

Note - Only assign categories to products that you want to appear on your POS.
Categories can either be created when you create your products;

1. Under Products from the Kounta Back Office, select POS Categories
2. Select the orange Add Category button
3. Name your category and select Add Category

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